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Warmly welcome Prime Minister Li keqiang came to our Home

  • Author:Bonnie
  • Source:www.car-dvd-supplier.com
  • Release on :2015-01-09

2015 is the crucial year to deepen reform, is the starting year to promote the rule, and also the 35th anniversary of shenzhen special economic zone set up. In the first month of the new year, Premier Li Keqiang came to our home in Shenzhen for the first station of his Southern tour.

In-depth study and implement the whole national 18th CPC National Congrss, Jan. 4 to 5, Premier Li Keqiang, accompanied by the leadership of the provincial and city,inspected several enterprises and went to the top of Lotus Mountain, laid flowers to Deng Xiaoping bronze statue. Discusses the Reform, encouraged Shenzhen Accelerated transformation upgrade with the witness of Deng Xiaoping's South tour,prior to carry and try, blod to develop and break,continues to grow the National Reform Experiemental field, create innovative and inclusive development Model City.

From the border Twon only with two or three samll streeat to the Modern City with high-rise buildings,the Reform make Shenzhen gained world renown for decades. Shenzhen has been on the road to reform all the way and create more than 1000 first all over the country, these "First" given the national demonstration effect. "Time is Money, efficiency is life". The special zone is the most speed up sports car of our national economy.

Guangdong has called the Reform" sharp knife", and shenzhen is also compared to this knife's knife. Tingway Technology as part of Shenzhen, we ought to contribute our obligations to the development of shenzhen. Following the Shenzhen Developing, and become the pionner on the path of reform.

There was once a United States comptuer hardware manufacturer came to shenzhen and looked for partners, he found the same product, the cost of the United Stated is five times to Shenzhen, and the USA quality is not sure better than shenzhen. The pass low cost and present high quality used to be the two magic weapons for Shenzhen Manufacturer. And now wants to go further, must be added innovation. 

Shenzhen Tingway Technology founded in 2004, and Research and Development the high quality and low cost Car GPS Nagvigations, provide the OEM and ODM Service for our customers, to satisfy different level customers' different needs. We follow the principle "Customer's Satisfication, Tingway's responsibility". In the near years, Tingway Products extended to the car media and video device, our product already obtained the national patent certificate. Got national recognition


When people travelling more and more inseparable from the navigation, Car Networking Time is coming soon, it means the Intelligent era of Tingway automotive electronics is coming fast. At present, car navigaiton funciton are basically added in, provided the driver direction of satellite navigation system, navigation product has four important factors: the satellite signal, signal receiver, signal processing and map database. Obtained through GPS System to the current location information then processing, and the map data is displayed to the user, data processing is a very important part of this. Tingway Technology navigaiton products is using precise GPS data analysis and processing algorithms, created the precise location.

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