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Breaking news-Tingway’s Patent design product VSA.

  • Author:Niki
  • Source:www.itingway.com
  • Release on :2015-06-12

As the pioneer in the Car GPS Navigation Field, Tingway always focus on the technical innovation. And there finally comes our out First exclusive product after several years. The ownership is only preseverd by Tingway.

What is VSA?

VSA is the short form of visual side assist. It can be installed on the two rear view mirror of the car. It can avoid the blind spots when you drive or back up the car. The camera of the VSA is waterproof which keep the driver sight clear even at night, foggy days and so on.

The most fantastic advantage of VSA.

blind spot detection system

The most wonderful character of VSA is that can auto switch side video and image, auto backing car video. You do not have less worry when you have this amazing reminder. It can be connect with CMD. Anyway, you will be the biggest beneficiary if you have an overall experience of the VSA.

For more specific info, please check the product on website.

Your saftey is what we care and we are always keep offering more convenience to you all.

VSA, the wise man's choice for the ones he cares and himself.