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Tingway Company Moive Sidelights

  • Author:Jessie/Lucy
  • Source:www.car-dvd-supplier
  • Release on :2015-04-14
With the recent very popular movie ''Fast& Furious 7'', all the staff of Tingway Company also experienced the pleasure of taking movie in the afternoon 14th April, 2015. Following the camera lens, which recorded a spectacular and new experience. It’s not only just a few minutes video, but an unforgettable memory.

car side camera

Under the leadership of General Manager, the sparkle team are already!

The Griop all show the big smile, and the crowd become the senior director in a short time. The general manager changes into funny from serious, a section of talk show made the normal atmosphere get to highest point, which make the photographed people frequently.

We are very enthusiastic during the filming process, only take half day make the recording successful completion. All the colleagues shouted that have the potential as an actor. According to Tingway convention, the time for afternoon tea is begin, the gather of the every day make us like a small famiy.

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