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The world is so big, bring CMS to see

  • Author:Lucy
  • Source:www.itingway.com
  • Release on :2015-06-11

Go spring outing, play water in summer, autumn smell fragrant rice, winter to see snow fluttering. With the popularity of private cars, it is now a way to travel also prefer traveling by car.

However, driving while offering navigation problems, the unfamiliar, it is necessary to "guidance", and is now able to play a guiding role in the machine there are two, one is a professional GPS navigation systems,One is Tingway Technology Newly developed CMS. So the question is, should we choose what kind of navigation machines? Is select a single GPS navigator, or choose a variety of uses CMS? The following small series to introduce CMS. 

android car gps

CMS hasCMD,VSA,DVR, RVC four functions:

1. CMD can plan your driving precise travel route, detours save time, but also to meet the entertainment function in the long journey;

2. VSA can help you broaden the perspective of the body rear-view mirror when you're driving on narrow roads, VSA will help you drive safely, for your car escort. Meanwhile, in the snow, rain and fog weather does strike, hold your position for you, it can be said to be a small volume, large capacity.

3. DVR can be said to be "car black box", in driving distance you can use it to record conquer difficulties and obstacles in the processWhen an accident occurs, immediate evidence, to protect the rights of drivers themselves.

4. RVC in the car when reversing, such as obstructions can not be observed, after installation you can see a clear road conditions clear when the car after car after children, stone, pit and other berth.

If you are a for the "car" responsible person, I assure you that CMS, it will show the world a different car for you, for your safety escort to reach each destination.