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Add: 4F, No. 5, Tongchang Road, Bao'an 35 District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
Tel: 0086-755-27818660
Email: sales-5@tingway.cn
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Factory Tour

TingWay Office is located in Bao'an 35 District, Shenzhen City,with 1000 Square Meter office area and 1000 square Meter Working Room in Guangming District. Compared with traditional old type offices, the whole office in accordance with ergonomic design, sparated by translucent glass, with unique custom desgin, when step foot into the Office, you will feel a bright, clear, wide view and become much more exciting, the passionate day start from stepping into Office.

The whole office is divided into 4 areas, Sales offices, multifunctional Office, Engineering Department and staff rest area. 

Sales Office designed with unique custom made desk and chairs. It gives enough area to work and stretch. Office can accommodate up to 30 people, there are 3 rows of stripe Desk, a row can accommodate up to 10 persons, total can accommodate up to 30 people. 

Multifunctional Office area contains a Meeting room, Accounting office, Purchasing Office and CEO office . Each independent Office, transparent and bright, sharply demarcated, working orderly, highlighting the positive energy.

Engineering Department is divided into office, Assembly and testing area. Engineering technical staff has over 10 years experience in automotive electronics development, a strong and advanced technical abilities, bring the new idea and creativity, research and development new products and new direction. For technical questions from a variety of customers, always reply in time.  Do their best to meet customers ' different needs, even the OEM and ODM service.

Staff Rest Area: Tingway corporate culture is reflected in staff, when designing the company, the CEO left a room to the staff, for resting at noon and afternoon. Step into the Tingway Gate, you can find a private place is located in the hallway, inconspicuous appearance hardly to pay attention to it, and after you enter, you will feel like you are entering a lounge bar, a row of marble bar, a dozen scattered red and black stools, complete with a dedicated drinks Cabinet, has become a small bar. In this room has two couches and tea and Western culture to adapt to different employee preferences. Lunch and afternoon tea each day, you can hear the waves from outside the cheerful chatter. Busy work, gives employees a relaxation.